Our main mission is to raise Young Disciples for Christ. We pray to have young disciples from every town and city of the world be a part of Young Disciple Army Of Jesus.

Please share us and the mission with others. Help to snatch children out of ignorance and the fire of the evil one into the hands of Almighty God.

You can read for yourself the lies from the pits of hell (as laid out by Alice Bailey 10 Point plan on the about us page or Goggle it) that you may not be aware of and if you are aware of it, what are you doing about this? This is your challenge. God bless you.

Young Disciple mission is made up of parents desiring more of the Christian life for their children and they’re joining from different backgrounds, cultures and Church denominations.

– This is a non-denominational Ministry…So any church can join. Unity of the body is our focus.

– All we talk about is Jesus not church politics and activities.

– We don’t need your money.

We’re not collecting tithes and offerings.

– If anything the mission is alive by the faith of God. Keep your money.

– We’re only after raising young children and teenager that will be ‘’Agents of Transformation’’ in their schools, community, towns and cities.

– We’re not stealing your children’s church but strengthening them.

– We’re not a church so you don’t need to worry about your children joining. They are not leaving your church to join us.

– The Young Disciple Army Of Jesus name or tag only came about because when we first attempted to open our Facebook page, the name young Disciples was already taken and we had to add something hence Young Disciple Army Of Jesus was added.

– We’re not baptising the children into the name of Young Disciple Army Of Jesus.
They’re not enrolled in any Membership class to become members
Every child is welcomed to Young Disciple Army Of Jesus. God bless you



Good day, dear reader

Our children have been on the Young Discipleship Meeting for a few weeks. They have been blessed with the concept and content of the program. As parents we knew it was the right decision to enrol our children.

We thank Pastor Adegbenro for his dedicated service to our children. May God continue to bless you and your work amongst the young generation.

Mrs Yidi Adeoye, Hanover, Germany


 Parent No 2

I am blessed to have encountered the Young Disciples Fellowship. Although it is not the easiest task working with and nurturing children, we are grateful for the platform that has been raised.

Since I joined, I’m grateful for all the prayer points raised on behalf of our children which have acted as a seed in our children’s lives.

I am thankful for the privilege given to me to serve on the platform as a National Manager in Nigeria, especially as it is beneficial to my children. And I pray that the next phase of this ministry will draw more souls into Christ and into the Kingdom of God. Amen

 Mrs Favour Otunola Lagos Nigeria

Parent 3 Photo...Bimbo Fatusin-Parent


Young disciple group is a wonderful group for children to belong. The word of God is taught in a deep understanding style, games, interactive session, and other fun take place. It is a place where teenage children are free to open up and they seek for help, counsel and talents are discovered and built. I have children in this group both under 12 and over 12 and they are all glad that they are part of the group. Am a mum and l joined them sometime am also blessed and learn something new.

This is a nice group that your children can belong to learn the word of God in truth and in spirit and still have fun. I recommend this group to all parents and children. Thanks to visionary leader and other staff. They are doing great jobs please keep up the good work 👍.

Mr Bimbo Fatusin, Ireland UK

Parent No 4

My name is Mrs Oluwaseun Ibiwoye from United States of America. I want to use this platform to narrate my experience with Young Disciples Ministry.

Young Disciples ministry has provided an opportunity for our children and teenagers to help them  grow spiritually, to learn new skills and meet like-minded new friends etc

The Young Disciples ministry helps our kids through teaching,  praying and they also empower teenagers to step out in faith and also accept the challenge of sharing their faith in a public way

Thank you for all the hard work you put into building our youth by your outstanding ministry. It has been such a blessing to our children and young people in USA. God bless you

Mrs Oluwaseun Ibiwoye, USA

Parent No 5

The program is great for kids, it helps the children to know more about Jesus and some other important activities  in an exciting ways. I highly recommend the online discipline program for all kids because the program is well loaded for kids.

Big thanks to Pastor Tony and all the teaching staff.

Mrs Kemi Oluajo Ireland UK