Miracle From Obstacle

Coronavirus created an obstacle of being locked down and the devil thought he was shutting church down. Then BANG!!!!!!

Young Disciple Army Of Jesus started and we had many more Kids and teens join than when we physically meet. What situation do you consider an obstacle right now in your life? Is it your marriage, relationship, business, health, business, raising your kids etc Whatever it is, you may need to look again with the eyes of faith and see your situation differently. From the supposed and forced lockdown the Young Disciple Army Of Jesus started and now we have more attending than when we met in a building.

We also have parents joining the meeting too to chill with their kids and others. A parents prayer time also started on Sundays at 8pm. This is new too and there are testimonies already of what God has done through prayer. The teenage group also started in week 3 of the lockdown for 12-17 year olds and is growing. We are seeing salvation and turning around reported by their parents at home. They are getting more committed to God.

We have families from many cities joining from Liverpool, Manchester, Sheffield, London, Blackburn, Ireland and Germany. We want to see every city in Europe and in fact the world represented and joining. It’s online so simply log in from the comfort of your home. 6-11 is from 5-6.30pm and teenager are 6pm to 7.30pm
Register your 6 -17 year old and a consent form for registration will be sent to you the parent by WhatsApp. Once completed and returned to the admin, the Zoom Monday 5pm meeting link will be sent to you and you can see miracles happen in your life too.

The teenager prayer group also started. Miracles after miracle. Teens praying? Yes, praying every Sunday with prayer chat through WhatsApp and you need to read some of their text…loaded and serious petitions to God. Whaooooo.
Are your kids bored? Or having nothing to do on Monday? Are you looking for how to entertain and engage them in a ministry that will build them up in the things of God. Then send a text to +44 7828 259750.

If you’re thinking of how obstacles can turn into miracles then message the same number and we will surely chat and pray with you if you want and God will show you a way in which the obstacle can become a miracle. We’ve experienced this in many ways than one during this COVID-19 season and God who did this for us will surely make a way for you too. Waiting for your text.

God bless you and your family. A miracle is round the corner in what seems an obstacle. Give God a try today. Message +44 7828 259750

Here’s a testimonial from a parent but you can also listen to the audio version too and word document attached.

“From Mrs Ifeoma Ngonadi”

Glory be to God !!

The Scripture has once again been fulfilled to us in Romans 8:28 – ” And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose”. What the devil meant for evil, God meant for good. Can we be right to say ‘we thank God’ for the lockdown that necessitated the formation of the Young Disciples on-line church? Well, in all things the Scripture teaches us to give thanks to God.

In the heat of the global pandemic this year, we are grateful to God that the vision for the Young Disciple Army Of Jesus was conceived and given birth to by God to us all. In order to compensate for the total shutdown that affected the Church in most Countries of the world via the sit at-home orders, God gave us the Young Disciple Army Of Jesus. It became a blessing in disguise as we watch God begin another stream of good works in the lives of our young children who partake in it.

First, the excitement that heralds the Young Disciples meeting every Monday that it’s being held, is overwhelmingly, both on the sides of we the parents and the children. This is because we see the fruits of the great spiritual teachings and instructions given to the children become more evident in their lives. We have seen our children grow their confidence in God. Their discussion and reliance on God’s word has also grown, as well as their lifestyles. Our children have been able to memorize more scriptures, pray more with a better understanding of what prayer is, a relationship and communion with God. The meaning of the New Creation life is becoming clearer to them.

It has truly been some Months of great refreshing and spiritual experiences in God’s presence for them. Aside the spiritual benefits, the children find it very pleasurable as a way of letting out steam from the lockdown, getting along with their friends online and boredom is generally minimised. The activities filled with wonderful video songs, video teachings and games are simply phenomenal.

On the whole, I can say it’s always a wonderful time and fun for the kids especially for ages 5-11 and I remain grateful to God.

For ages 12 and above, their experiences have been fantastic and impactful. Personally I have noticed remarkable improvements in their overall walk and understanding of their relationship with God, above what we have laboured for in their lives as parents so far.

My 14 year old daughter now spend more time memorizing more scriptures and according special time in the morning studying her bible while my 16 year old son, now spend more time searching the scriptures and listening more to teachings from men of God. Their prayers have also got more spiritual with their lives enriched for better and we remain thankful to God for the Young Disciple Army Of Jesus.

I say thank you Jesus for using Pastor Tony and his wife Sister Dolapo Adegbenro as coordinators for this group and kudos to all the teachers especially Sister Anna Krabbenhoft and Ana Ferreira for their amazing work on the junior team. The kids always enjoy their session so much.

I immensely appreciate Pastor Soji and Sister Angela for the great job God is using them to do on the senior age group 12 and above.

And to all the wonderful and amazing parents, shout out to all of us. We have all been awesome indeed in getting the kids connected online and on time. It remains expedient for we parents to understand the need to keep the kids growing in the Lord especially in this dying world where their lives are at risk of being swayed by the government policies and the world system. Against all odds, we must be determined to keep them getting transformed to the image of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ so that His counsel for their lives will stand. Let us keep their fire aglow and resist every pressure that might come from other activities going forward particularly as schools are resuming, God helping us. Let’s keep them always connected to the Young Disciple Army Of Jesus now, more than ever.

To God be all the glory !!

Mrs Ifeoma Ngonadi

Want To Know Why We Are Running This Ministry?

Please read the Alice Bailey 10 Point Plan here. It’s a must read. You will be alarmed and stunned and to see why we have to do what we do to rescue children from the tide of evil set against them in their generation. Please Click here to read the evil report. Thank you


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