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Step 1:

Send WhatsApp interest chat to us on +44 7828259750 and we will send you the consent form.


Step 2 Copy the CONSENT FORM on this page and send us the detail by WhatsApp +44 7828259750 or by email to It’s the same detail that will be sent to you when you send us WhatsApp in step 1 above

Alternatively, please send your name and email in the box below and a reply email will come back to you with the consent form included. Thank you

Please let us know if you have any concerns or questions.

Young Disciples Management Team

Here To Serve You And Your Family

 Here To Serve You

Dear Parents

Thank you for your interest in joining the Young Disciple Army Of Jesus

Monday 5-12 year olds meet from 5pm to 6:30pm (UK Time) and

Wednesday USA meeting: 5-12 year old 6pm Maryland and 5pm Houston time.

Please check your time zone to UK’s.

Sunday: Teenager 13-19 meet 4.30pm -6.30pm (UK Time)

Why Young Disciple Army Of Jesus is for you and your children

As listed by one of our young people aged 15

  • Its very Informative
  • Fun for every child and youth
  • Exciting… allows us to participate
  • Interactive…not boring at all
  • Challenging…to spur you to do better
  • Helpful Spirit, soul and body
  • Creative and different every week
  • A chance to ask questions
  • Debates on trending matters like black lives matter, music industry, end times etc
  • Learn more about God through video, chats, music, prayers
  • Learn more about the bible
  • Share testimonies
  • Hear testimonies
  • Interesting
  • Different to your usual Kids & Youth church
  • Full of activities… To learn from
  • Deep conversations
  • Enjoy family games

This Is A Snippet Of Weekly Meeting

Please bear in mind that It’s not the full recording of the sessions. This is without the introductions, games and activities etc that’s why you need to register your child to enjoy everything.

Each meeting contains the following elements

  • Welcome Music
  • Worship time
  • Opening Prayer by a child…they are all keen to pray
  • Introduction of session
  • Life changing message
  • Relevant videos to the sessions.
  • Closing prayer…Again led by a child usually
  • Interaction and fun games
  • Different activities led by 2 or staff
  • Assignments (Sometimes)
  • Goodbyes