You are obviously interested in sharing the news of what God is doing through Young Disciple Army Of Jesus, so please use the following flyers above for the 2 different ages to carry the message to your family members that needs to know about this group
you probably have nieces and nephews that need to grow stronger in the knowledge of God even tough they have some church affiliation already. What about your   

  • Friend groups
  • Relatives near and far
  • Church group
  • Social circles
  • Social Media platforms, Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc

Please bear in mind that it’s an online group so anyone can join from anywhere I the world as long as they have internet connection. They simply log in in the comfort of their home and get blessed week in week out. Read their testimonies to see how others are enjoying it.

What our Young People are saying

My name is Frank. I am 16 years Old…and I am giving my thoughts on Young Disciples. I have learned so many things from this programme. It has helped to shape me and I would urge teenagers to join this discipleship. It’s fun and very encouraging to be there and you will not go empty-handed. We are loaded! 

Frank 16 years old
I really enjoy being on Young Disciples. Since the time I joined, it has helped me grow spiritually. It is not like every other meeting, its unique. We play games, watch and listen to great videos and songs. Every time it is something different but fun. You can also talk about your problems and past life and they will help and encourage you. It has truly helped me. I would like to thank all the Elders that spend their time to teach us the things of God.
Daniella 8 years old

I personally like Young Disciples because it’s not like your conventional or usual church youth group. Here, we learn about Christianity in a fun and interesting way. We are grouped by age. I like that because learning with peers can be quite entertaining. During meetings we play games, discuss, listen to music etc. I highly recommend for teens (13-19) that want to have a closer relationship with God


Are you a Christian and looking for a group of people to spend time together with God? If so, you’ve come to the right place – The Young Disciple Army Of Jesus. Trust me, you’ll be blessed


What I like about Young Disciple Army Of Jesus is that it’s very interesting and allows me to learn more about God in a fun way.

Mercy…Ireland Aged 17

Young Disciples (YD) is a fantastic platform to meet friends & also get blessed……….

Soji …Liverpool UK

YD is welcoming place where you aren’t judged for who you are & can talk about the lord freely

Okikiola. Nigeria

Young Disciples is quite an inspiring group and it really helps to make you want to get closer to God when you see other people your age sharing the same love for God that you do. It’s also very motivating in trying to make you more dedicated to the pursuit of His word because you have a whole community of people like you who are there to support and help you.

OLASUBOMI…Lagos. Nigeria

YD is a great place to have fun, learn meaningful things and get closer to God in an exciting way. You also talk about your problems and won’t get judged. I highly recommend it if you’re a teenager.

PAULA…Liverpool. England

Young Disciples (YD) is a way for young people who are Christians to interact with one another and to really look into what God says and has planned for young people. YD is also a platform where we can debate about certain topics (black lives matter, sexuality, Music trends etc) and give our own opinions about the topic. In summary, YD group is a great way to strengthen your relationship with God and make new friends while doing so

BEATRIZ…Lancashire UK

Are you looking to grow more in the Spirit?

Young Disciple is a place for you. It’s fun and lively and has lots of nice people to share your faith!